Moonbeam Coffee Shop Whitefield - Review

This gem of a coffeeshop is based in Whitefield, North Manchester, a mere 3 mile drive from the city centre. While relatively new on the scene, Moonbeam has already established itself as the home of amazing food and coffee. The team who run it are passionate about giving the best experience possible without it being fussy.

The menu is based on anything you would want from an early breakfast to a late lunch, with the possibility of a cheeky cocktail or beer if you so pleased. The team go out of their way to source local, and everything is prepared freshly and on site. The menu is also changed regularly to keep things fresh.

There are classics including every kind of egg you can imagine, Buddha Bowls, French toast and even the more exotic Shackshuka and Turkish eggs.


We are extremely proud to partner with Moonbeam to provide their coffee. After lots of testing, First Quarter was created as their seasonal house blend. A coffee that is great as espresso, or a flat white.

Everyone is catered for, being mum and baby friendly, dog friendly and child friendly. There are lots of menu choices to cater even for the fussiest eater, and nothing is a problem. There is also a lovely outdoor terrace for when the sun is shining.

We would recommend popping in, enjoying some fabulous food, a silky coffee and watch the world go by.

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