Alto de Saraguallas

Taste Notes: Milk Chocolate, Cherry, Raisin
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The Coffee

Region: Loja, Ecuador
Varietal(s): Typica, Bourbon, Caturra
Processing method: Washed
Elevation: 1200 - 1900 masl

The Story

Along the mountains that surround the Lagunas de Saraguallas, one of the most important natural resources of the region, lives a group of coffee farmers that make up the blend for Altos de Saraguallas. In this beautiful and touristic place that calls the attention of every single visitor, you can find the union of two of the most important water streams of the region; Saraguallas and Santa Ana. The convergence of these two water streams forms Las Juntas which becomes the Puyango River. The communities that settle around this beautiful natural resource are rich in culture, they have their typical festivities, full of tradition and craftsmanship. When their religious festivities are celebrated, they tend to dance to the rhythm of the town band. In the same way they have traditional rituals for their festivities, they also have traditional practices for agriculture and land treatment. Farmers in the region plant sugar cane, beans, soy, corn, and coffee.

Coffee in this region is cultivated in a handcrafted manner by coffee farmers that have been involved with coffee culture for many years. They still have traditional varieties planted on their farms and their coffees maintain those floral, fruity, tropical and sweet flavour profiles with balanced and consistent cups that we have learned to love from this beautiful region.

What our clients say


I have already, and will continue to recommend Abe & Co to people looking for excellent quality freshly roasted beans.

Wayne Cannon

Abe & Co cleverly roast their beans to provide some amazing flavour and notes. From smooth chocolatey washed to boozy marmaladey natural, all excellent, highly recommended coffee.

Jonathan Moore

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