Our Story

Abe & Co was founded in a back garden, after we decided to say no to mediocre coffee.

Guy, the founder and chief coffee lover decided to buy an Aillio Bullet coffee roaster after getting a little disgruntled with some of the coffee he had been buying. The first roast on the Bullet was a bit of a disaster – all the smoke meant the neighbours thought his house was burning down and one nearly scaled the wall to let Guy know. You can imagine both their faces when Guy was sitting behind his prize possession excited for his first batch.

We are happy to report after that first ‘seasoning’ roast, the pace began to pick up. Focussing on accessibility and sustainability, Guy was roasting coffee that caught his friends’ attention. It tasted fresh and was easy to brew. Guy was also sharing down to earth instructions on how to make the best possible drinks, whichever equipment customers had access too. Something we are still passionate about today. Coffee should be enjoyable and accessible to everybody.

As orders increased, a coffee roaster upgrade was in order. This time to a 2.5kg gas roaster housed in a converted garage. This is where our coffee really took a step forward as we honed our craft, sampled, tested, attended training courses, built supplier relationships and watched every YouTube coffee video possible.

However, again the space and roaster became too small, so we upgraded our roaster, moved into a dedicated roastery on the Prestwich/Whitefield border, and moved the office to Ancoats in Manchester City Centre.

We now roast on a Giesen w6a, which allows us the control and consistency we need to produce beautiful coffee. 

But we don’t stop there. All our coffee is roasted to a profile which brings out the best the bean has to offer, as well as being taste tested and roast colour analysed to ensure consistency.

We supply our clients directly via our website, or through our thriving coffee subscription. We partner with a number of independent coffee shops, supplying exceptional coffee which is easy for baristas to dial in and leaves customers wanting a second cup.

Join our mission against mediocre coffee, and become part of our family.