Lindsay’s 5 Tips For Making Coffee While Working From Home

Coffee plays a big part in Lindsay’s life. Whether an espresso in the morning, a filter at work, or a trip to a coffee shop at the weekend.

Lindsay loves our coffee. Today she will show you why as she makes a lovely filter coffee and shares her top tips using our great tasting Brazil Coffee 

Coffee is for everybody

If you are just starting out on your coffee journey it can be very easy to think that speciality coffee is snobby and pretentious, with crazy words and flavours, but it really doesn’t need to be. The higher cost is simply due to the higher quality of coffee, but you can definitely make great coffee at home!

Choosing Coffee

Everybody has different tastes in coffee. You may favour dark roast coffee or a coffee which is fruity and acidic. You may like it with or without milk. But don’t get scared by the words on the packet, choose a coffee which you like the sound of and have an experiment.

If you are ever stuck and not sure where to start, Brazil produces lovely coffee which is easy to make and tastes great.

Whole beans or pre ground coffee

To get the most flavour out of your coffee, always try to grind it just before you use it. Whole beans keep their flavour and intensity really well. For filter coffee, a medium grind size is a great place to start.

If you don’t have a grinder at home and buy ready ground coffee try and use the ground coffee as quickly as possible.

How to make your coffee 

You can make coffee in so many ways at home. Espresso, filter, Moka Pot, and most people have a Cafetiere which can make beautiful drinks. V60 coffee makers are very accessible and are also used by coffee shops to produce great tasting filter coffee at home.

Enjoying your Coffee

If like me you work from home, or even in an office, use your coffee break as a time to relax, take 5 minutes for yourself and enjoy it. 

We hope you enjoyed hearing from Lindsay.

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