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How to calibrate and clean the Niche Zero grinder

Cleaning and calibrating your Niche Zero is essential to making the best cup of coffee possible!

The Niche Zero grinder fundamentally changed the lives of many home baristas, allowing them to purchase a small, modestly priced grinder which is built for single dosing. It set the gold standard of home grinding, especially when it comes to the very small levels of coffee it retains, meaning it is easy to swap beans.

At home there are 4 main choices of grinder

  • A hand grinder to grind small amounts of coffee on demand.
  • A grinder with a hopper for beans, however if only a small amount are used each day, there is a risk the beans will go stale.
  • A grinder with a hopper, but only pour in the amount of beans needed. This may also have its challenges, as hoppers rely on the weight of the coffee to push the beans evenly through the grinder.
  • A single dose grinder with a very small hopper made to be dosed with the right weight of beans each time.

Although I personally love the look, feel and excitement of a big coffee shop grinder in my kitchen, the reality is for making 2/3 coffees a day, the Niche is perfect. I haven’t looked back since.

How to get the best out of your Niche Zero

Calibrating and cleaning your grinder should, and can be, done at the same time. At lease every 6 months and for heavy users every 3. All the tools needed to do this are included.

Check out the timelapse below

The quick version!

Step by step guide to clean and calibrate the Niche Zero grinder

A few things to consider:

Always try to only turn the top silver collar of the grinder and not the black collar with the notch, as this ensures calibration stays correct.

After cleaning, you may find the settings change from what they were before.

Niche Zero have produced a handy video on calibration which is viewable here.

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