Popayan Reserve

Taste Notes: Milk Chocolate, Orange, Caramel
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Why this coffee?

This is a classic Colombia which works well whichever way you decide to use it. There is some fruit in the cup, but expect that caramel and milk chocolate note to be your first taste, with some gentle orange hints.

If you love Colombian coffee or fancy something with a bit more fruit than a classic Brazil, this is a good coffee to try.

This coffee makes the perfect espresso, flat white and milk drinks. We have been using 18g in, 36g out for the classic espresso in 30s.

As a filter, it will be a perfect everyday drinker, but don't expect a super light roast head juicy head turner. Aeropress, Cafetiere, and Cleverdripper - this is one for you. 

The Coffee

Region: Popayan, Cauca
Owner: 80 local growers
Varietal(s): Castillo, Variedad Colombia
Processing method: Washed
Elevation: 1,500 to 2070 masl

The Story

Popaya, Cauca, is located in the Colombia Massif. It is in a plateau located nearly 1700 MASL and in its surroundings coffee is produced in the beautiful undulating slopes.

The so called Meseta de Popayan is sheltered by the Andes mountain range which helps generate homogeneous climatic and altitudinal characteristics. The result is one of the most outstanding Colombian coffee origins.

The coffee is produced by approximately 80 growers selected for their consistency and the cup profile of their coffee. Farm size ranges between 1-3 hectares. Growers are being encouraged to ferment their coffees without the use of water, in order to reduce water usage during the process leading to a more environmentally sound process.

What our clients say


Wow! Just Wow! That is an incredible cup of coffee!

Jonathan Carre

Three coffees in already. This coffee isn't going to last long. So Good!

Dave Rigby

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