"A super juicy coffee, full of citrus notes and lovely body. I love as modern espresso and filter. Yummy!"
Liz J - Abe & Co Customer

Migoti Hill - Burundi

Taste Notes: Orange, Marshmallow, Chocolate
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The Coffee

Region: Mutambu Valley, Burundi
Varietal(s): Red Bourbon
Processing method: Fully Washed
Elevation: 1500 - 1700 m.a.s.l

The Story

Step into the world of Burundian coffee with Migoti Coffee Company's fully washed Red Bourbon coffee. Named after the mountain on which it grows, Migoti's coffee washing station in Bujumbura Province is surrounded by ideal conditions for coffee production: high elevations, abundant rainfall, and the perfect climate for Arabica Bourbon coffee trees.

Migoti Coffee Company also provides ongoing education to coffee farmers, helping them increase yields from their coffee trees by up to ten-fold through best farming practices such as pruning and proper care, intercropping, planting shade trees, utilising green fertilisers, stabilising soils and natural pest control.

With an average of 150-200 coffee trees per farm, coffee production in Burundi has long been a means to rebuild the agrarian sector and to increase foreign exchange, as well as a reflection of the country's cultural heritage. Bourbon coffee, in particular, is grown at high elevations and is characteristically "sweet and juicy, big body, floral and citrus notes."

What our clients say


I have already, and will continue to recommend Abe & Co to people looking for excellent quality freshly roasted beans.

Wayne Cannon

Abe & Co cleverly roast their beans to provide some amazing flavour and notes. From smooth chocolatey washed to boozy marmaladey natural, all excellent, highly recommended coffee.

Jonathan Moore

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