"Sweet, caramelly, tasty chocolate with a hint of chocolate orange. OMG, this is good."
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Lacau - Timor Leste

Taste Notes: Orange, Caramel, Milk Chocolate
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The Coffee

Region: Lacau Farmers Community, Ducurai village
Varietal(s): Typica, Timor Hybrid
Processing method: Washed 
Elevation: 1400 masl

The Story

The Lacau farming community was established in 2004 and 23 farmers contribute to this lot. They work as a team to pick, collect, and process their cherry. The word ‘Lacau’ is composed of two words of the Mambai language, La – meaning ‘goes’, and Cau – meaning ‘pulling’.

East Timor is recognised more for the varietal ‘hybrid de timor’ than the coffee it has been producing now for 200 years since its introduction in 1817 by the Portuguese. The Hybrid De Timor variety is a natural hybrid between the typica & robusta in spotted first in 1927. In the cup, they demonstrate a sweetness, delicacy and florals associated with the typica variety (known as Arabi locally) which are then complemented by the spicy pepper, tamarind and full-bodied characteristics that you would be more familiar from the Hybrid De Timor varietal.

The region that is leading the way in speciality production is the Letefoho area of the country situated in the mountainous northwest. Even with such basic infrastructure, the quality of coffee produced in the cup defies what we would expect from such basic methods. The Café Brisa Serena Group have worked hard with the farmer groups to focus on quality parameters such as picking, separation and even drying to help elevate the quality of the coffees.

We feel that this is just the start of things to come from a country that has the potential to give so much more and begin to prosper with the rewarding of the speciality coffees they produce

The 2021 harvest was a success following the disruption caused by the pandemic in 2020. Farmers are being very proactive with the pre and post-harvest maintenance of their trees, ensuring they are well pruned and healthy for future growth.

What our clients say


I have already, and will continue to recommend Abe & Co to people looking for excellent quality freshly roasted beans.

Wayne Cannon

Abe & Co cleverly roast their beans to provide some amazing flavour and notes. From smooth chocolatey washed to boozy marmaladey natural, all excellent, highly recommended coffee.

Jonathan Moore

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