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Serra do Cabral


Taste Notes: Chocolate Brownie, Biscuit, Lemon Curd

A rich chocolate and hazelnut brownie style coffee with a gentle lemon curd hint of freshness


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The Story

The Flanzer family began farming in the Serra do Cabral in the 1970s, when Henrique Flanzer–father of Marcelo & Roberto–bought land to engage in forestry projects. In 2000, Marcelo and Roberto (who had taken over management of the farm) decided to diversify. They chose coffee for its great fit with the regions: altitude, climate, water & terroir. They planted their first coffee nursery in 2006 and their very first coffee harvest was in 2009. Ecoagricola to this day is the only farm producing coffee in the Serra do Cabral. The brothers, like their father, are true pioneers.

Ecoagricola is surrounded by areas of permanent preservation. The Reserva da Borralha, which adjoins Ecaogrícola’s area, boasts 2,000 hectares of land completely untouched by man and rich with biodiversity. Birds that migrate southwards from North America, stop there to rest and feed and the Concolor Puma roams through the undergrowth. The presence of this rare cat (whose face graces the Ecoagricola Serra do Cabral bags) is a definitive sign that all the food chain is present and preserved.

Marcelo & Roberto began to develop this process in 2017. Through extensive testing, they have managed to create this new process; handpicked cherries are immediately placed into bags below the coffee tree. Here, in the shade where the heat is not so strong, they are left for 24 hours. This allows the beans to undergo a process of dry fermentation, or in other words, ‘tropical fermentation’. After a day or so has passed, the cherry bags are collected and taken to the farm’s mill to be processed. Cherries are first washed to remove any floaters, before being placed on raised beds to dry. Once finally dried, the beans are moved from the beds and left to rest for at least 30 days in the absence of light and heat

The Coffee

Country: Brazil
Coffee name: Ecoagricola
Region: Serra do Cabral, Minas Gerais
Owner: Marcelo & Roberto Flanzer
Varietal(s): 100% Red Catuaí
Processing method: Tropical Fermentation
Elevation: 1,100 masl